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Paraffin torches

Paraffin torches are commonly used for illuminating outdoor areas. Whether it's a winter sleigh ride in the forest, a bonfire, or a summer outdoor party, torches create a magical atmosphere. Besides their practical use, torches can also serve as a deterrent for unwanted guests in the summer, such as mosquitoes.

Using a paraffin torch requires nothing more than a source of fire. They are constructed with a wooden handle wrapped in paraffin-soaked material and a rope to hold everything together. The main difference between various paraffin torches is their burning time, but the quality of their construction is also essential as it determines whether the torch will drip or not.

How to make torches for sleigh rides?

Can you make torches for sleigh rides yourself? Yes, but why? Making torches at home will be much more expensive than buying a ready-made product. Moreover, unfortunately, homemade paraffin torches may not be entirely safe. When it comes to torches, it's crucial that they drip as little as possible. This is where the quality of their construction comes into play. Torches that drip can lead to unwanted fires. Therefore, it is essential not to make such products yourself and instead choose ready-made, certified torches. If you are looking for paraffin torches for sleigh rides and you are a resident of Białystok, we invite you to our wholesale store. We will help you choose the right product on the spot.

Torches for mosquitoes

Although paraffin torches are not produced as mosquito repellents, they can easily serve this purpose. After lighting them, due to the large amount of fire and heat generated, mosquitoes do not appear in the vicinity. Paraffin torches, when burning, do not emit a special odor, so it is not responsible for repelling insects. If you want to create a magical atmosphere for your bonfire or barbecue in the garden and at the same time get rid of unwanted flying companions, don't forget to buy paraffin torches.

Are torches environmentally friendly?

Recently, you often ask us if paraffin torches are environmentally friendly. The answer is simple: yes. Paraffin torches consist of a wooden handle wrapped in a material soaked in paraffin, usually cotton. All of this is tightly wound with a linen cord. In the production of torches, recycled paper is often used, which facilitates ignition and ensures that the torches do not go out even in strong winds. As you can see, the torch does not contain any artificial elements and is fully recyclable!

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