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Strobe, also known as flash, is a firecracker that, upon ignition, generates very intense, pulsating light. Its operation resembles a disco strobe light. Strobes come in different colors, with the most popular being flashes in white and red. Strobes are great for fireworks displays, airsoft and paintball games, as well as match atmospheres. When choosing the right strobes, attention should be paid primarily to the duration of action and the intensity of light. Among our strobes, you can find tiny pyrotechnic strobes that shine for only a few seconds, but also large stage strobes that provide the effect for over a minute. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our assortment.

Strobe - Effect

Strobe effects are very characteristic and stand out among other pyrotechnic effects. They can be found not only in strobes/flashes themselves but often also in aerial fireworks such as launchers or rockets. The effect one can expect upon ignition is pulsating flames generating very intense light. In aerial effects, these are often flickering stars, called glittering.

Strobes - Pyrotechnics for Stage, Matches, and More

Strobes have a wide range of applications. Depending on their purpose, our store offers:

Stage Strobes - products designed for use during professional pyrotechnic shows, concerts, outdoor events. A distinguishing feature of these strobes from others is the method of ignition. Instead of a fuse, a remote ignition fuse is installed in the stage strobe. Stage strobes are also more intense than ordinary pyrotechnic strobes.

Match Strobes -  used by soccer fans to create spectacular match atmospheres. There isn't just one type of product specifically for stadiums. Depending on the needs and preferences, you can opt for smaller 60/90-second strobes as well as large strobes lasting several minutes. Typically, the longer the duration, the larger the flame and the intensity of the light.

Strobe - Price

The price of a strobe largely depends on the duration of the effect and the intensity of the light. Pyrotechnics that provide several tens of seconds of experience and are scenic are definitely more expensive than small products with short emission times. Our store offers strobes at attractive prices, and wholesale prices are available for larger orders.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Bardzo dobry kontakt z klientem, szeroki wybór produktów, atrakcyjne ceny, ekspresowa dostawa przesyłki :) Jestem bardzo zadowolona z obsługi sklepu i z realizacji zamówienia, serdecznie polecam! :)
Najbardziej profesjonalny sklep z pirotechnika w Polsce. Zamowienia zawsze na czas. Produkty zawsze najwyzszej jakosci. Ogromny wybor. Swietny kontakt. Szczerze polecam. Krystian Minda