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Flares and Races

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Flares and Lightsticks

Lightsticks and flares are among the most popular pyrotechnic materials available on the market. This type of pyrotechnics has a wide range of applications - from signaling (marine flares) to creating scenery for sports and artistic performances (stadium flares). Due to the possibility of choosing flares in various color versions, they are also used during fireworks displays. Both lightsticks and flares produce a light and smoke effect, but flares can be equipped with rocket engines and rise to considerable heights. Our store offers a wide selection of products tailored to diverse needs. Lightsticks for sports events, cheering at matches, marine flares - these and many other products are offered by our store. We also ensure that customers are attracted by attractive prices when making purchases. Choose from products of renowned brands and create beautiful match atmospheres or get assistance when needed.

Marine Flares, Lightsticks, Match Flares, Stadium Flares

Flares and lightsticks are pyrotechnics that can only be used in open spaces. Each product in our assortment has different characteristics. Here's how they differ:

  • Match flares are light flares that generate a flame of several centimeters with a dripping effect; they are available in several color variations. Match flares have metal, waterproof casings, as well as plastic or metal handles, which increases their safety of use.
  • Strobe flares - in addition to smoke, they emit pulsating, bright light; combining these two elements intensifies the light effect.
  • Marine flares - they produce a lot of light, so they are often used as signaling materials at sea or in the mountains. Marine flares are ignited by pulling a pull-wire. Marine flares produce a lot of very dense white smoke.
  • Handheld lightsticks - a handheld flare is designed in such a way that maximum efficiency can be obtained from a small capacity container.

Flares - Store

When deciding to purchase any pyrotechnic materials, it is worth seeking professional advice. This way, you can buy an assortment that fully meets your expectations regarding the effect you want to achieve. Additionally, you can receive all information regarding the safe use of flares and lightsticks. High-quality flares for sale and assistance in choosing products can be found right on this website. Fajerwerki Lider is the place where you can buy flares, and our qualified staff provide professional support at every stage of the purchase. All match flares and marine flares offered by us are certified, guaranteeing their safe use. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with our assortment and place orders. We provide deliveries to individual customers as well as wholesale orders. Advisory services, fast shipping, and reasonable prices are our strengths. See for yourself that it's worth ordering from us!

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Bardzo dobry kontakt z klientem, szeroki wybór produktów, atrakcyjne ceny, ekspresowa dostawa przesyłki :) Jestem bardzo zadowolona z obsługi sklepu i z realizacji zamówienia, serdecznie polecam! :)
Najbardziej profesjonalny sklep z pirotechnika w Polsce. Zamowienia zawsze na czas. Produkty zawsze najwyzszej jakosci. Ogromny wybor. Swietny kontakt. Szczerze polecam. Krystian Minda